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A Trilogy? Or Return Again...Again?

The Technology Princess is planning her third story here on this blog. Although it will be her fourth adventure in the land of ISTE, this will only be her third documentation. Need to catch up on her adventures? Read more: First Adventure and/or Second Adventure This time the Technology Princess will not only be attending the great conference, but also presenting! A dream come true for her. This grand adventure will commence on Saturday June 25th. The destination: Denver, Colorado! Be sure to tune in for special postings from this adventure!

The Dance

Two steps forward, one step back. One step forward, two steps back. Maybe you have heard of the dance? Maybe you have danced the dance. You certainly do not need to be on Dancing with the Stars to have trained for it. Maybe it is set to the rhythm of life. Sometimes more like a quick step. Other times more like a waltz. Whatever the song, whatever the rhythm... If you only look at the steps You might just miss the beauty of the dance.