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Not how I planned to spend break...

I have had several things that I planned to accomplish while on break, but remaking a personal website was not on the list! Thankful however, that I realized it was gone while on break! For several years now I have "mooched" off of a friend's web hosting service. There had been talk before about the friend keeping the service or not, but it never crossed my mind to back up or save the  information somehow. The end result is that for right now, it is gone...all of it. Those of you who have worked with creating website will understand the amount of time that went into the site and now the amount of time that will go into creating something new. Here is a sneak peek of my recreated site: I kept the name "Educate Me". It is what I have created for myself in the social media word  (educatememrsn). To change it seemed too overwhelming. The tag line changed from "join in the journey" to a pottery theme. It seemed only natural to join together a coupl

Photo Editing with GIMP

Little did I know the treasure that I had on my computer! One day I had needed a photo editing tool for my Mac. I was in the middle of creating a brochure and had no idea how to deal with the photos that needed editing. So I did a search of the world wide web and found GIMP. Honestly I had tried a couple Mac apps, but they did not give all the options that I needed. GIMP looked like just the solution.... GIMP which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free download! It was relatively easy to use without any tutorials, but I would suggest investing the time to go through them (linked here ). I was able to crop and make some changes (all be it frustrated changes) with just a "guess and check" mentality. I became really excited once I saw a webinar on SimpleK12 over the use of GIMP.  Discover the Power of Image Editing (It's Easy and Free)  by Kim Munoz. This will be re-cast on January 4th! This program has a lot to offer! Here are a couple of th

Hello Again

It is Christmas break! While many bloggers are taking a break, I am back in business. I am honestly not sure how some of the teacher-bloggers keep up with it all! I hardly know where to fit in laundry and grocery shopping. I haven't decided if two part-time jobs are possibly worse than one full-time job. Could that be possible? I do know that in education part or full time doesn't really ever adequately describe the time that is put into it. All that said, it is now break time and I have lots of time on my hands. So to avoid having to clean the house....I am typing away. Kids are adequately entertained by the free trial offer of Netflix, laundry is in and doing its thing, and Christmas decorations are mostly put away. Good enough? We will not mention the state of the house with all the new toys and gadgets the kids received! That will be one of the next projects for break! So stay tuned! Some great (I hope) posts coming soon!!