Photo Editing with GIMP

Little did I know the treasure that I had on my computer!

One day I had needed a photo editing tool for my Mac. I was in the middle of creating a brochure and had no idea how to deal with the photos that needed editing. So I did a search of the world wide web and found GIMP. Honestly I had tried a couple Mac apps, but they did not give all the options that I needed. GIMP looked like just the solution....

GIMP which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free download! It was relatively easy to use without any tutorials, but I would suggest investing the time to go through them (linked here). I was able to crop and make some changes (all be it frustrated changes) with just a "guess and check" mentality.

I became really excited once I saw a webinar on SimpleK12 over the use of GIMP. Discover the Power of Image Editing (It's Easy and Free) by Kim Munoz. This will be re-cast on January 4th! This program has a lot to offer!

Here are a couple of things that I learned how to do....
Name Cut Outs:

This was fun! Check out Kim's how to on her website or via pdf.

Photo Manipulation--Selective Colorization 
This could be a very time consuming project! Keep in mind as you view mine, that I did not invest a lot of time. I wanted to play rather than perfect. The instructions available on the site are for a more general manipulation. If giving this project to students to complete I would rewrite the directions for the specific steps needed to complete this specific project of selective colorization.

I have one more project yet to try--the "iMe" silhouette. I have a feeling the directions that are given on the site will lead you through this process. Kim has also provided a screencast

I can't wait to explore GIMP more and watch the tutorials! 


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