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Oh, Mr. Gump and Your Box of Chocolates

Forrest Gump had a lot of "life is like" comments. This all seemed very sweet ...For example, "life is like a box of chocolates". Then he adds... "you never know what you are going to get". Yes, Forrest "you never know what you are going to get". Some are sneaky. They look like they are going to have caramel on the inside, but have coconut. I do NOT like coconut! Some have weird pink stuff that you don't know is there until you take a bite. I do NOT like weird pink stuff! There are some that are more obvious with nuts. You can see the nuts and you expect the nuts. I like that kind of predictability. Sometimes the box has a "map". It shows you what you will find in each "coordinate" of the box. I like this....unless you get the map wrong or lose the map. Life can be sweet. Life can be ooey, gooey, yummy and full of the "good stuff". However, life can be messy, unpredictable and full of piec

Stretch and Grow

I smiled as I wrote this title, "Stretch and Grow" because it makes me think of my mom (and really her mom as well). It is what they would say as little ones in the family would stretch their little bodies. I can picture it and hear it now, "stretch and grow". However, as I wrote the title today, I wasn't thinking of "little ones".....I was thinking about myself. Last post I shared some of my "leading role" goals and the challenge for excellence in what I do. I'm personally challenging myself to practice, learn new, and just grow in my craft. In effort to challenge you and myself as well, I am sharing how I am currently "stretching" myself. Professionally: 1. Participation in a Massive Open Online Course for Educators called Coaching Digital Learning: Cultivation a Culture of Change This course starts today! If you are interesting in participating check it out....we are just getting started. 2. Following this last su

The Supporting Role

I don't typically blog about my kids and never something based on them twice in a row. However, some good life lessons have been shown to me lately. My last blo g post  spoke of my daughter's audition and role assignment. It reminded of leading roles that I also desire. However, I don't always go after them with such abandon and confidence as she does. She has a gift and that girl steps out and goes after it. You might say she stretches herself, although I doubt she sees it that way. Remember my word for this year? It is stretch . My daughter has taught me something this week. Me the educator . I have been educated. Educated on life and how to face disappointment. She was sad and we had tears, but she picked herself up. She thought of others and she found joy in what she has. She is choosing to take what she is given and make the best of it. Could I have done the same? Do I do the same? I'll be honest. It is really hard for me to put myself "out there

Sound of Music

The sounds of Annie have been sung, whistled, and stated throughout the day....actually the last several months. Most every day there is something being sung (or other form) in our house by our eldest daughter. She has done it as long as I remember....maybe as long as she could talk. It is her. Two years ago, someone recommended that she try out for her first community theatre play. I was amazed as she stood up on stage and sang her audition piece. I know that she was probably nervous, but it didn't show. That year she was chosen to sing in the children's choir in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  production. It gave her the perfect start. Here she is pictured at the "All Schools Day Parade" where she and other members advertised the play. The next year she again climbed the stage and auditioned. However, this time with the production of Honk , she had her sights set higher as a duckling. She "honked" her way into the role of B

Site Review: Thinglink

 I learned about Thinglink this last summer (I believe at ISTE). Since then, I have been doing my share of sharing/recommending it to others. This is one to pay attention to! It has a lot to offer! This is Thinglink : At least my simple example of it. Take a photo. Any photo will do. Now let Thinglink work its magic! Add hotspots of text, video, sound, links... And as Emerald would say, "Bam!" You have, in gaming terms, "leveled up" photos. Thinglink is easy to use and free! Sharing is also very easy with the generated link or embed code. Here is how some others are using it in the classroom Example 1 Example 2


That would be the sound of a horn in the case you missed it. In fact, to be exact it is the sound of me tooting my own horn! I've always tried to avoid tooting my own horn. However, I am finding out that sometimes you have to showcase your talents. Take a job interview. In order to apply for the job, you list your accomplishments. Then, if chosen, the interview is a time to showcase just why you are the best person to fill the position. And really even if you are not chosen it can be a valuable reflective time. Take the ISTE SIGTE Award in Teacher Education Note the first line....nominate yourself.... AKA "toot your own horn" time. So toot I did! I may not receive the award, but it did feel good to be a part of the process. A process that had me look at what I do well (a bio and narrative statement), how others (two recommendations) feel about my contributions, and what works I am proud of (three artifacts). This process has chal