The Supporting Role

I don't typically blog about my kids and never something based on them twice in a row. However, some good life lessons have been shown to me lately.

My last blog post spoke of my daughter's audition and role assignment. It reminded of leading roles that I also desire. However, I don't always go after them with such abandon and confidence as she does.

She has a gift and that girl steps out and goes after it. You might say she stretches herself, although I doubt she sees it that way.

Remember my word for this year? It is stretch.

My daughter has taught me something this week. Me the educator. I have been educated. Educated on life and how to face disappointment.

She was sad and we had tears, but she picked herself up. She thought of others and she found joy in what she has. She is choosing to take what she is given and make the best of it. Could I have done the same? Do I do the same?

I'll be honest. It is really hard for me to put myself "out there". And when I do, I tend not to share it. That way if I do not succeed, no one will know. You see somehow I think that I have failed when I do not succeed. Who wants people to know when you have failed!

I know that not succeeding isn't failure. It is a lesson that I've been learning and continue to learn. I know that many times it is those times that we don't get what we want, do what we want...."fail" that really we are succeeding, learning, growing, developing into who/what we are to be.

I'm challenged today to continue to stretch and allow for personal and professional growth to take place. Here today, I am going to share with you some big goals and some smaller goals. Understand that this is not easy for me (I really don't want you to know if I don't "get there"). However, I realized that I need to in a way audition for the role (my version is telling about them). I may not be given the role yet and I may have to take a supporting role for now. I just have to stretch myself and audition.

So here are the "leading role"s that I would like to achieve:
*Become a Google Certified Teacher
*Receive the ISTE Teacher Educator Award or other professional award
*Be the keynote or featured speaker at a conference
*Submit/Present at the ISTE conference or other "big" tech conference
*Be sought after professionally for my expertise...specifically for a full time position
*Recognition from Edublogs (or other) for my contributions in blogging, website, or other
*Be "one to watch" in education or educational technology
*Continue to submit proposals for conferences and one day be ask to submit/present
*Be seen as a resource in the educational technology community
*Find a "niche" within the educational technology community to set myself apart from the rest
*Contribute more through blogging, tweeting, posting, etc.
*"Advertise" myself more via half-sheets, business cards, and maybe even a t-shirt

I don't want to be "good" anymore. I want to strive for excellence. No matter what role, supporting or leading, I'll do it with excellence.


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