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Epic Fail

Have you ever had "one of those days"? You know the might call it an epic fail. Nothing could or would go right. I like to problem solve or be the problem solver with technology at school. Most of the time I can help get a solution. Today, a poor teacher had guest speakers and had to try two computers before calling me. I can't get the flashdrive to work. Try with the third computer and think that it is fixed....only to find out the computer power (even though plugged in) dies. Epic fail? What are these guests thinking? And a poor frazzled teacher! Classroom waiting. Most of the time technology works for me or I can get it to work. So I might not have double checked as much as I should have today with the tools I wanted to use in my own class. At the bell is not the time to figure out that the USB web camera is not working with the program you want to work with. All the time that was spent downloading the software and gathering supplies...not to mention the &quo

Catapult Challenge

I am in charge of the K-6 library classes at my school. If you know me, you know that I do not have any kind of library background. I'm sure that I could/would be a better librarian with that training. However, what I lack in formal training I make up for in my tech background. I have been creating/initiating what I call "maker moments" into my library classes. I really like the maker ideas for how hands-on and engaging they are. It amazes me what this brings out in the kids. Time flies! Creativity abounds along with the problem solving. My first attempt was using a cardboard challenge. You can read more about that here . Next up was for my littles (K-2). I used cardboard squares with slits cut into them. It was fun to watch them create. Making them was another story! There has to be a better way to get the slits cut without developing a blister on one's thumb!!  I loved that I really didn't need to tell them anything. They just needed time to play.