Catapult Challenge

I am in charge of the K-6 library classes at my school. If you know me, you know that I do not have any kind of library background. I'm sure that I could/would be a better librarian with that training. However, what I lack in formal training I make up for in my tech background.

I have been creating/initiating what I call "maker moments" into my library classes. I really like the maker ideas for how hands-on and engaging they are. It amazes me what this brings out in the kids. Time flies! Creativity abounds along with the problem solving.

My first attempt was using a cardboard challenge. You can read more about that here.

Next up was for my littles (K-2). I used cardboard squares with slits cut into them. It was fun to watch them create. Making them was another story! There has to be a better way to get the slits cut without developing a blister on one's thumb!! 
I loved that I really didn't need to tell them anything. They just needed time to play. There is such a fine line between telling them what to do...I was tempted to say "see how high of a structure you can build" or "build an insect"....and just letting them be creative. 

For my 5th and 6th, I challenged them to create a catapult to launch a Pom Pom as far as they could. However, they could only use the supplies I gave them. 

That was it! No glue or tape (te-he-he...not an evil laugh just a challenging them snicker).

Here is one of the completed:

Next week we will test them out and see who gets the distance. Make adjustments and go again!!


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