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The real you vs the digital you

The real you vs the digital you. I've been talking about digital footprints and online safety to my computer class. This last week I presented them with two questions. Question one: What does your digital footprint say about you? Question two: What do you want your digital footprint to say about you (future thinking)? This week we are digging in a little more. As I have prepped for this week more questions have emerged under these "big questions"... First, how much do we share? Do we share too much? Do we give away our location, our personal information willingly (maybe not knowingly)? What about our privacy settings?  Who are we giving access to our sharing? Second, who do we present ourselves to be online? Is online a place to be perfect? Is it a place to be someone else? Are we ourselves? Is there anything that would prevent a scholarship, a job, a....being given to us because of our digital life? What would someone think about us just by our digital fo