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One Word 2018

With the exit of 2017, it is time to consider a new word goal for 2018. Before sharing this new year's goal word, here is a quick look back at the last few years. 2014  -- Stretch 2015  --  Step Back 2016  --  Release 2017  -- Risk 2018 will make for the 5th year of #OneWord goals! This year's word -- OPEN Open to...      Opportunities      People      Events Needs around me. This goal is bound to test me and my "introvertedness". In some ways it will combine all the last few years of goals... It will cause me to take some Risks. I will have to Release close-mindedness, fear, etc. I might have to take a quick Step-back and process how to be open before moving forward. And being more open will certainly Stretch me. Happy New Year!