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Catching Up

Grab your favorite beverage and snack and let's sit and catch up. June- We received an offer on our house and accepted. ISTE!  Beginning to look into our next housing option. Applied for a position with McPherson school district. July- 16th wedding anniversary and weekend get away to Topeka Finalized rental of a house in Mac Endured waiting for results of appraisal and inspections on the house to be sold. Interviewed (18th) for position with Mac and was offered position Secured closing of house on 28th and possession of rental for 25th. Stayed first night at rental 25th with first load moved over. Started new job as Education Technology Specialist on the 26th Moving truck and big move evening of the 26th August- Learning the new position School starts September- Adjusting to job, house, etc. October- Made an offer on a house and signed contract Attended: Greenbush Conference KanSPRA Conference November- MOVING! December- Welcome to