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Things that make you go hmmm...

Facebook--where you request friends an are liked Twitter--where it is good to be followed and have followers LinkedIn--where people have viewed my profile And these are GOOD things :) Social Media!

Oh technology

If you know me, you know that I really like technology. I REALY like it. I enjoy using it. I enjoy helping others use it. I tend to have "good luck" with technology. In fact there have been times that those around me have about tried everything--can't get it to work, and I have come in and somehow made it work. There have been times that I have known the answer and solved it, and other times it was just plain "dumb luck". So, now let me tell you about how this year has started.... I work for two different schools and wouldn't you know it....I had a broken computer at each school. Seriously! Two schools and two broken down computers. And let me tell you these are IT department broken! No magical touch, dumb luck, or miracle cure for these. I have my own personal computer (thank goodness), but it doesn't work like the "work computer". At one school my personal computer doesn't print and at the other I can't access any of the netwo

The Good and the bad...

The good-- Having a great week long vacation in beautiful Colorado The bad-- Coming home to unpacking, cleaning, washing, etc. The good-- Coming home to new carpet The bad-- Coming home to two other rooms filled to the brim with the living room furniture The good-- Living room emptied provided an opportunity to rearrange furniture The bad-- Clean new carpet = less willingness for kids to eat on floor The good-- More time around the table and less eating with TV (for awhile at least) We sure do have to take the good with the bad!


Vacation... It comes late in the summer for us. We will return to real life in all of its working glory in the next couple weeks. Summer is coming to an end and so is our vacation. My husband has worked hard all summer to provide this time for us. He has saved money from his exhaustive hours of tennis lessons, stringing racquets, etc. In return, we are enjoying a guilt free, paid in full vacation!  Thanks honey for taking such good care of us!