Oh technology

If you know me, you know that I really like technology. I REALY like it. I enjoy using it. I enjoy helping others use it.

I tend to have "good luck" with technology. In fact there have been times that those around me have about tried everything--can't get it to work, and I have come in and somehow made it work. There have been times that I have known the answer and solved it, and other times it was just plain "dumb luck".

So, now let me tell you about how this year has started....

I work for two different schools and wouldn't you know it....I had a broken computer at each school. Seriously! Two schools and two broken down computers. And let me tell you these are IT department broken! No magical touch, dumb luck, or miracle cure for these.

I have my own personal computer (thank goodness), but it doesn't work like the "work computer". At one school my personal computer doesn't print and at the other I can't access any of the network folders. It is frustrating to say the least! How can I get what I need to get done? And dare I say....I start to think negatively of technology.

We talk about having back up plans, but what happens when there just isn't one? Like you can't access the network with the files needed, you can't access the printer, the program is on the work computer, etc. Yes, I know that most of these can be still worked around...but not conveniently. The network files that needed accessed....had to be accessed by someone else and printed. There were ways around the issues, but they cost extra time (both for myself and others).

There is the rub! Extra time!! We do not have it! The time we have is precious and in the end will be spent where it is best utilized...whether that is using tech or not (and I would say "not" happens more). And, I hate to admit this as a "tech specialist", I do not blame them. ~Stand back there may be sparks zapping me from computers or geek squad trying to run me off the road for saying that!~ But it doesn't take long to become uneasy, frustrated, or untrusting of technology.

So how do you balance it all? Dealing with the frustrations and fostering the use. Seeing the value and not a time vacuum. Working around broken, insufficient, out-of-date, "non-network friendly",...you fill in the blank...technology.

Maybe with the knowledge that it is worth it in the end? That it is a necessary evil?

~spark~    ~zap~    ~spark~   ~zap~

In the end technology is here. Most of the time it is reliable and it is a tool that promotes 21st century life and education. We have kids that have been surrounded by technology from birth. They embrace it...all of it.

But you may have to count to ten, take big breaths, resist the urge to throw/shoot/hit/smash, seek help (IT), and remind yourself of at least one reason you like it/how it has helped you in the past/how it makes life easier.

Side notes:
One work computer is fixed. One is not and it is not looking good for it.


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