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Favorite Feeds

Working on a new Symbaloo for RSS Feeds. I have just added the one now, but plan to add more of my favorite RSS Feeds.

Digital Signature

Here is a post for my tech friends.... I recently read a post on Free Technology for Teachers about being able to digitally sign PDFs. This may not be an issue for everyone, but I have needed this for webinar contracts with SimpleK12 . "How to create a digital signature using a webcam" This is what you will need: 1. a Mac running OS10 2. web cam 3. white paper 4. black pen 5. your signature using black pen on the white paper Here is my version of how to: 1. Open "preview" 2. Choose "preferences" 3. Select the "signature" option 4.  You will now need your white paper with your signature in black ink. Hold the paper up to your camera. Do not worry about the signature being "wrong" in the camera view. **The key to make this work is to position the signature right above the blue line. It will automatically "find" it and will appear in the preview space on the right. You will know that it has

Elementary Focus Wall Decor

Did I impress anyone with the title? :) Here are some more updates to the library.  There were some book jackets that the previous librarian had planned to decorate with.... So I put them to use for the same purpose! This made for a fun wall (if I do say so myself).

Finding new uses for old books

Working for a small library can have its benefits and the generosity of those that donate is one benefit. However, it can also be a negative. What do you do with donated books that are old and you feel obligated to house (at least for a time)? That was one of the first decisions that I faced as I entered my library position. Not wanting to offend anyone....especially the donor....I had to come up with something. So this is my current solution to the problem: Pictured below: The shelves below the books are now empty and ready for new books!  The older books are arranged above as decorations :)  Again another set is arranged  This set is all about birds, animals, etc and is in the non-fiction section that fits :)  Here again the books above match the section. I plan to add fun antiques or "older" looking items to go with the books and add to the decor. This really excited me as I had been looking for decorations to add. This was a no-cost decoration and allowed some shelve

Library Project 2

Gutter Shelves! For this project, I enlisted my wonderful husband to help. He was more than willing to help me keep things straight (literally). I have a little (maybe big) issue with that I do not have the patience to measure, mark, measure, etc. Here is said measurement process :) First gutter row holders attached and ready for the gutter to be attached. First row complete with an example book and animal. Second row going up. All three rows in place! All rows with animals and books in place! I love this new look! before We had enough left to put three small (12 inch) to mirror the three long (5 foot) and two more in another place. I envision these three small ones to be "teacher picks/favorites" or "themed"/special occasion featured books.

new purpose!

I have been struggling how to best incorporate my new job as Library/Media teacher into this blog. Obviously the "media" portion fits right in...but how do I put the library portion? My first thought was to create a whole new blog. So I did! I called it "Literally Speaking" :) playing off the original title of this blog "Technically Speaking".  The only problem? How in the world can I keep up with two blogs when honestly I can't keep up with one!? Plan "B". Change the existing blog to incorporate both! I will try to tag and organize better! But my faithful three get the bonus of both! Hope you enjoy learning of my journeys in both! Thanks for reading, Carol

The "to do" list

I may have just given myself the biggest, craziest, longest summer to do list ever! 1. Organize ECS library in a better way 2. Switch ECS library from current organizational system to Sycamore Library system 3. Plan for ECS library classes 4. Plan for ECS technology training on Mimio 5. Plan for CCC fall courses 6. Teach directed study course 7. Prepare SimpleK12 Aug. webinar 8. Go back through all ISTE resources 9. Look into changing personal website and blog to reflect the current changes with career (addition of library/media position. 10. Be patient with list, children, etc. I used to have create an online book for my tech class...but I am thinking that is not going to happen. Otherwise here is how things are going.... #1 and #2 are in process and as a result said library is a MESS! So I should add to the list CLEAN :) #3 was started and is on hold while 1 and 2 are in process. #4 training "manuel" for first session is together. Second training session is

ISTE Reflections

My mind is whirling with thoughts, new knowledge, and getting back into "real life". My department chair described it well when he ask if my time was like trying to drink from a fire hose :). I think that is a great description to ISTE. Here are some numbers that came from Wednesday's ISTE Daily Leader newspaper: Miles walked by average attendee in one day--6 Tweets sent to #ISTE12 (as of 6pm Tuesday)--3,003 *this would be a good way to gain some info Onsite attendees--13,212 Power strips in the center--500 Here are some numbers from the conference website: three inspirational keynotes   and more than   700 concurrent sessions   including: lecture, panel, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), model lesson, research paper, poster, student showcase, and Birds of a Feather discussion formats And then there are the exhibitors!  You could spend a day just going around and seeing what is being offered. You really have to experience it to understand the magnitude of it all