ISTE Reflections

My mind is whirling with thoughts, new knowledge, and getting back into "real life". My department chair described it well when he ask if my time was like trying to drink from a fire hose :). I think that is a great description to ISTE.

Here are some numbers that came from Wednesday's ISTE Daily Leader newspaper:
Miles walked by average attendee in one day--6
Tweets sent to #ISTE12 (as of 6pm Tuesday)--3,003 *this would be a good way to gain some info
Onsite attendees--13,212
Power strips in the center--500

Here are some numbers from the conference website:
three inspirational keynotes and more than 700 concurrent sessions including: lecture, panel, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), model lesson, research paper, poster, student showcase, and Birds of a Feather discussion formats

And then there are the exhibitors!  You could spend a day just going around and seeing what is being offered.

You really have to experience it to understand the magnitude of it all! It is quite intimidating and overwhelming for new comers (like myself).

Now that I am home I am trying to sort through all the papers, notes, pictures, etc. and try to make sense of all that I gained. As I begin to sort through all the mess, I will begin to share my treasures. Here are some places that you can find my resources:

Diigo: ISTE (tagged with ISTE)

Pinterest: ISTE board

And look for added posts here!

Interested in more? There are also YouTube videos, other bloggers, and more if you play on the conference site some.


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