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This is a story about a girl and a shirt.... Once upon a time (July 2012), a young princess (technology princess?) went outside the comforts of her castle (home) and set out for an adventure in a far way land (California). During this adventure (ISTE Conference), in the far way land, she met many merchants (vendors) giving samples of their wares (free stuff). Not accustomed to such giving, she accepted excitedly. She gathered blouses (t-shirts), musical instruments (noisy squeaker things), quills (pencils/pens) and even a rare animal (frog toy). Oh, how she relished her new found treasures (piled them on her suitcase). Then at the end of a very long day of lessons (conference sessions), a few of her new acquaintances ask  for the gift of her presence at (everyone decided to go to) the beach. Oh, how the princess had longed for seeing this beach! For you see, there are not any beaches near the castle (Kansas). A quick carriage ride (8 block walk or more) back to the guest ac

Move it, move it

"I like to move it, move it." That is what song came into my mind as I thought of this technology app. I had not seen this before and when I did, I had to find out how to do it! The saying goes that a picture is like a thousand words (did I get close?). Anyway, then I would ask how much more would a moving picture be worth? Because honestly there is just something about an animated gif! Check out the one that I made in just a few minutes.... Here is how I created the animated gif: I used the app Gif Shop . Once you have the free app on your iPhone, iPad, etc. you are ready to get started. Click on the "+" and you will have a capture screen like below: Sadly one of the trickiest part for me was learning how to "capture" the image. I wanted to click the checkmark on the bottom of the screen, however, you are to touch the screen inside the green circle for it to image capture. Once you have captured the images that you want, you wi