Move it, move it

"I like to move it, move it." That is what song came into my mind as I thought of this technology app. I had not seen this before and when I did, I had to find out how to do it!

The saying goes that a picture is like a thousand words (did I get close?). Anyway, then I would ask how much more would a moving picture be worth? Because honestly there is just something about an animated gif!

Check out the one that I made in just a few minutes....

Here is how I created the animated gif:

I used the app Gif Shop. Once you have the free app on your iPhone, iPad, etc. you are ready to get started. Click on the "+" and you will have a capture screen like below:

Sadly one of the trickiest part for me was learning how to "capture" the image. I wanted to click the checkmark on the bottom of the screen, however, you are to touch the screen inside the green circle for it to image capture.

Once you have captured the images that you want, you will be ready for the checkmark!
Here is a look at how the screen looks as you capture. You can see the images captured at the top of the screen. When you have all of the pictures you desire, click the checkmark for the following options: save, start over, discard, or cancel. You can also preview it by pushing the green "play" button.

Once it is saved you have the option to share via the following options: tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, email or message.

You will need to utilize tumblr or another photo site to be able to post the picture like I did in a blog. This was another tricky/complicated part. I will have to look into better ways of doing this. I ended up sending it to my (new) tumblr account. 

Here is a look at how the post appears.
I was then able to click on the link. The link then opens to the Gif Shop site. 

I was then able to right click on the picture and choose to "save image as". From there I saved it to the desktop for easy access and uploaded it to my blog like any other picture. 

My next goal is to document a day of activities in this method. The idea came from here.


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