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The four letter "w" word...

Wait. That is one of my least favorite words! Might as well put it on the four letter "no-no" list of words. It requires something that I tend to lack....patience. You see, I'm a "duck in a row" kind of planner. They should be lined up and quacking together :) And right ducks are all over the place! Life seems to be full of "if this...then this...but what about...." and no real answers anywhere.... except to wait. Can you wait? We need to wait. We'll let you know in the next week. In the next weeks..... Do you know how much planning should be happening in those weeks! My little duckies are running amuck! They need order, they need direction, they need.... to WAIT?! "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14 All right little duck friends.... You heard the verse! We will get our little line soon enough.

A Special Land

There is something about the home I grew up in. I love it and the land surrounding it. It is almost "magical". Magical in that it tends to be a place that the stress of "real life" less. I can walk and let the breeze blow it away.  As you walk around the land there is so much beauty. The beauty is part of the magic!  My parents work hard at keeping the flowers growing. It is where I did my own growing as well. So many childhood memories! And there is something extra special in watching my children creating memories there. Memories! There is something about the house that allows an almost dual existence. I am the little sister of my four brothers...we still kid and tease a little. Yet, we are grown with our own kids.  There is something special in the care my brothers give my makes my heart soar! It isn't anything "special"...just normal uncle interactions. But there are times that I remember them "playing" with me in a similar

What do you want to be when you grow up?

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" How many times are we ask that question in our childhood? I love the answers that children have! Veterinarian, Doctor, Astronaut, Teacher, ...... They have high hopes, big aspirations for their lives! It is an "I can be anything I want to be" attitude. These kids are ready to take on the world! Then we "grown up". Working with college students this week with advising, I saw lots of insecurity. It seemed the question was back, but more "what do I want to be?". How do I help this student? One faculty member posted this on Facebook: " registering students--oh my-I am supposed to guide them in monumental decisions for the rest of their lives----not sure I always even know what decisions I should be making! Cannot do it on my own---had to have time to pray and seek discernment and wisdom this morning. Leaning on the Lord for sure!!" It seems very monumental! This is their life we are g


Change. Unless it is the type of change that you find at the bottom of your pocket... I don't like it. Yes, change can be good. Even exciting. But there are times that you dig your heals in and try to stop the change with all your might....just to keep some the ease or familiarity. I'm having one of those times!  As I sit on my porch and am able to watch my kids bike in the parking lot across from our house. If we move then.... Suddenly the heals dig in. Thinking about the packing and unpacking. My heals really dig in. Moving is NOT fun. It is a lot of work. Packing and then unpacking of boxes. And right now....all that we know is that we have to move....our house will no longer be rented to us due to another use for it as of July. What grand adventure awaits? Grand adventure sure sounds better than change. Grand adventure might just get my feet moving. And if you don't hear from me in this blog for longer periods in is d