A Special Land

There is something about the home I grew up in. I love it and the land surrounding it. It is almost "magical".

Magical in that it tends to be a place that the stress of "real life" less. I can walk and let the breeze blow it away. 

As you walk around the land there is so much beauty. The beauty is part of the magic! My parents work hard at keeping the flowers growing.

It is where I did my own growing as well. So many childhood memories! And there is something extra special in watching my children creating memories there.

Memories! There is something about the house that allows an almost dual existence. I am the little sister of my four brothers...we still kid and tease a little. Yet, we are grown with our own kids. 

There is something special in the care my brothers give my children....it makes my heart soar! It isn't anything "special"...just normal uncle interactions. But there are times that I remember them "playing" with me in a similar way when I was young. Those are the moments!

And what makes this a special land.


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