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In the Library...

This week in the library.... Here is a link to my Library Newsletter that went out this last week. The first week of library news, I started to share my news via Glogster as I shared in a past post. However, I am not sure how well this worked. I couldn't embed it in the email with our system and so it was an extra click or so.  If you know Glogster, you know that you can see the amount of times it has been viewed...and the number of views was very low. This week I changed over to using Pages and a newsletter feel. I have had really good feedback on this. Especially being able to view the library day/time of each class. The other high point of this week was a "book care" presentation I did with the Kindergarten class. If you have Mimio Notebook software you can open the presentation here . Otherwise I have also saved it as a pdf . To go along with the presentation, and keep the kiddos busy/involved, as also made these for them to answer with... If the slide in t

Newsletters Round 2

My weekend has become the time to complete my newsletters and I am really liking this! I hope that the teachers and parents also like it! "Tech Talk" is my newsletter for teachers at ECS. I honestly wasn't sure how often I could "produce" this. My goal was monthly or bi-monthly. Now the question is do I hold this for next week? Or spoil them, by having another issue so soon? Or can I take the rest of the month off, now that I have had two issues? No matter how this "issue" effects the rest of September issues, I feel like this is the time to distribute it. The topic for this issue came from a SimpleK12 Webinar by Jerry Swiatek entitled "Top Ten Tech Skills Teachers Should Have". I was challenged on many levels by this Webinar. First on a personal level...Where am I with these skills? Second as an instructional media specialist for the school...where are our teachers? Here is the link to TechTalk  Issue 2 via Google Drive.

It's in the news...

The grandparents took the kids to the state fair! No that is not the news that I am talking about, but it did allow for me to create both of the following.... 1. My first issue of "Tech Talk" newsletter for ECS teachers. I am sure that my title is not an original, but it works. Here is a link to the first issue . The goal of this is to provide the teachers with some technology integration ideas at least twice a month. The focus of this issue was to highlight our new Mimio tools. 2. My first Library glog newsletter for parents... This is my attempt to keep parents involved and updated on our K-6 library classroom happenings. I have been emailing parents each day after library class. However, this has resulted in me sending emails every day from home (as I do not have time to email after class). If this goes over well, I can see creating this on the weekend and then sending out an email to all parents with this link or embedding within our management system. It does ta

Hello there

Hello blog! Remember me? I am sorry that we haven't had time together lately. The first week of school has been really busy! Adjusting to two schools has been really interesting :) Elementary school run down: This was the first full week. It has been a week of trial and error in the library! We have that need library system and it is a mess. Not only do I have many books not accounted for in the system, but the check out process is anything but easy. Add to that learning how to adjust to the variety of needs between K to 6th grade! It is putting what I "preach" into "practice" for sure! I am glad that after 11 years of being out of the elementary classroom, that I still have some tricks of the trade in my pocket! We did end on a good note with learning some ways around the system and with some ideas to try for next week. College run down: The week really started on last Saturday. As a part time faculty member, part of my contract is to advise a small group