Newsletters Round 2

My weekend has become the time to complete my newsletters and I am really liking this! I hope that the teachers and parents also like it!

"Tech Talk" is my newsletter for teachers at ECS. I honestly wasn't sure how often I could "produce" this. My goal was monthly or bi-monthly. Now the question is do I hold this for next week? Or spoil them, by having another issue so soon? Or can I take the rest of the month off, now that I have had two issues? No matter how this "issue" effects the rest of September issues, I feel like this is the time to distribute it.

The topic for this issue came from a SimpleK12 Webinar by Jerry Swiatek entitled "Top Ten Tech Skills Teachers Should Have". I was challenged on many levels by this Webinar. First on a personal level...Where am I with these skills? Second as an instructional media specialist for the school...where are our teachers?

Here is the link to TechTalk Issue 2 via Google Drive.


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