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Road to Innovation Continues

It has been a whirlwind of activities over the last few weeks! Each week for the Innovator Academy “prep” we have had homework. The kind that is hard...challenging. We had a surprise delivery of a Breakout box! Take not of that tile... Each box had a different tile and tile location. As a team we had to solve our equation/clue. Even without a couple boxes and tiles, I was able to find the solution!  After opening the lock, we had another tile inside! This tile would be to solve a color lock with the link that I had inside my box. Someone from our larger group figured it out. This lead to a group puzzle and final instructions to make our own clue, change the lock, and have a story to share with goes with the item in the box. We have had to dig deeper into our "how might we" statement. We interviewed another person as well. And now here it is the weekend before the academy!!!