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EdCamp & The Introvert

--Last post I mentioned both EdCamp and my introverted personality. I'd like to talk a little more about the combination of those (EdCamp & introvert).-- Last Thursday was EdCampKS day. I have really grown to love EdCamp. I love the price (free), choice, converstations, prizes, connections, and more. With it being local, there is also the opportunity to connect with educator friends and make some new as well (but for someone who has travel alone for several years to conferences, having familiar faces and traveling with friends is a big plus). The challenge for me at EdCamp has been participation. Remember...I'm the quiet one in the back. But to fully embrace, enjoy, and experience EdCamp - I needed to participate in the conversations AND (personally, I needed to) push myself further to lead. Lead? But EdCamp is about converstations....I'm more about presentations. I like to know my facts, have my ducks in a row (points of presentation)...basically know all that

Embracing the Introvert

If you know me....really know me, you will know that I am an introvert. Side story - I recently shared this with a former college student and they were shocked :) I love that it was a shock for them honestly. It means that I can do what I need to do -- lead when in that position. I recently read a post "The Power of Introverts in Leadership" the article started by asking: "Do you tend to listen more than talk? Would you rather place yourself on the outer edges of a group rather than the middle? Do you feel most effective one-on-one and small groups versus a large group?" Um...yes, yes, and yes. "In a world of attention mongering, introverts can feel drown out by their seemingly charismatic, attention-loving, charming, fun, and cool extroverted cohorts.  I mean,   don’t people just prefer charismatic, charmers? Aren’t they just more fun, cool, and friendly?  That’s the belief I held for a long time – people who were quiet were seen as none-of-the-above.&

Reflecting on the Year

I recently wrote a blog on the USD 418 Technology Website - entitled "Year End Review". Here is what I wrote and an appropriate look back on how I have been blessed this year -- Honestly, I am not sure where the 2016-2017 school year went! It has been a wonderful year learning and growing with you all! I (Carol) can't believe that a year ago I was ending my year and unsure of where I would be serving. All I knew was that I needed to move on and I really wanted to work in my passion area of educational technology. The year ended and summer began....June would come and go. Then July and an interview for the Education Technology Specialist dream job. I held it together as I was offered the job, but burst into tears, after I accepted and hung up, as the emotions of it all hit. Not only did I have a job and would help provide for my family, but I had the job that I had longer for. This is the job that many other jobs had prepared m