Reflecting on the Year

I recently wrote a blog on the USD 418 Technology Website - entitled "Year End Review". Here is what I wrote and an appropriate look back on how I have been blessed this year --

Honestly, I am not sure where the 2016-2017 school year went! It has been a wonderful year learning and growing with you all!

I (Carol) can't believe that a year ago I was ending my year and unsure of where I would be serving. All I knew was that I needed to move on and I really wanted to work in my passion area of educational technology. The year ended and summer began....June would come and go. Then July and an interview for the Education Technology Specialist dream job. I held it together as I was offered the job, but burst into tears, after I accepted and hung up, as the emotions of it all hit. Not only did I have a job and would help provide for my family, but I had the job that I had longer for. This is the job that many other jobs had prepared me for and the one that I had dreamed of following receiving my masters in 2008.

Thank you for allowing me into your classrooms this year. Thank you for trusting this new comer, trying new things (breaking out), and adventuring as Jedi :) 

I can't wait for our adventures in the 2017-2018 school year! My brain is already whirling around with ideas!

This has been an amazing year of learning and growing professionally. I have absolutely "found my tribe" with my IT team.
I have a great team--I am proud to be part of them and USD 418!


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