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  Central Christian College has received SimpleK12's Teacher Learning Community Grant! CCC's Education Department has been awarded a free membership effective immediately through August 31, 2013 to the SimpleK-12 Teacher Learning Community with access to: Over 1,000 hours of self-paced technology related online courses, Hundreds of live and recorded webinars, and The opportunity to share resources and collaborate with thousands of educators around the world. Many professional development tools are available 24/7 and can be accessed from your office, home, dorm room, or school. Resources are available free to all current CCC education students, faculty, administrators, staff, and all CCC Education alumni.  WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SIMPLEK-12? If you would like additional information on some of the content in the Teacher Learning Community, click here:  SimpleK-12 Additional Information HOW TO ENROLL: To enroll free to the premier site, go to CCC's enrollment site at:

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Coming soon! Check around the first week of September at

How-to labels

Here is my how-to for Avery Labels

Making it happen

My new "library school" (the school where I will be teaching library) uses Sycamore Education as their management system. As a part of that they offer a library management system. Seeing as how our current system was needing to be changed I decided new system. It was needed of course...the old system was from a company now longer in business and the backup was done in house by a tech guy whenever we told him it needed to be done. It also was designed to hold about 10,000 books, which we are holding more. All that said, Sycamore is already being paid I decided to give it a shot. And by "give it a shot" I really mean that we are using it and there is no going back. We also upgraded my computer to a newer one (which had the old program on it). Good-bye old computer and old system! Hold on folks this is going to be a bumpy library ride this year! I have uploaded the books. 1st hurdle....746 books not found So I go back through our list