EdCamp & The Introvert

--Last post I mentioned both EdCamp and my introverted personality. I'd like to talk a little more about the combination of those (EdCamp & introvert).--

Last Thursday was EdCampKS day. I have really grown to love EdCamp. I love the price (free), choice, converstations, prizes, connections, and more. With it being local, there is also the opportunity to connect with educator friends and make some new as well (but for someone who has travel alone for several years to conferences, having familiar faces and traveling with friends is a big plus).

The challenge for me at EdCamp has been participation. Remember...I'm the quiet one in the back. But to fully embrace, enjoy, and experience EdCamp - I needed to participate in the conversations AND (personally, I needed to) push myself further to lead.

Lead? But EdCamp is about converstations....I'm more about presentations. I like to know my facts, have my ducks in a row (points of presentation)...basically know all that will be covered and have the resources ready to provide for that. If I were totally honest, I might admit that I don't trust my knowledge and expertise as much as I should.

At the beginning of the year we (the district I work) had an EdCamp/UnConference day of learning. I was asked to lead a couple sessions. As the good planner that I am, I wrote up some notes (things to cover). I was new to the district, new to leading this type of session, new...new...new. Introvert!
I will just say that I didn't need the notes and in fact they probably were more of a stumbling block to the way things should have been. I didn't trust my knowledge.
Looking back now on those moments, I can see just how much I have grown. I've had a lot of growing this year. Growing in relying on my knowledge -- and no I don't know it all and it is ok to say not :) -- but I have learned that I can share my experience and knowledge.

This was the year! Maybe it was the push from @mrssmoke at the beginning -- asking for the McPherson people to stand and then zeroing in asking me (in front of the 100's there) what I would suggest as a learning session -- or something else...but I was ready to lead a session.

I was also "ready to lead" last year...and chickened out.

I'm happy to say that I pushed myself to lead one on my own and offered to help two others lead other sessions. Did I still have quiet moments? Yes...and sometimes that is just what is needed, to listen and learn. There was a good balance -- learning, leading and sharing. And I did it without notes!😅

Stretch and grow...stretch and grow.
Thank you EdCamp for stretching me. For teaching me more about myself and the leader that I can be and am.
-The Introvert


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