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Hello blog! Remember me? I am sorry that we haven't had time together lately. The first week of school has been really busy! Adjusting to two schools has been really interesting :)

Elementary school run down:
This was the first full week. It has been a week of trial and error in the library! We have that need library system and it is a mess. Not only do I have many books not accounted for in the system, but the check out process is anything but easy. Add to that learning how to adjust to the variety of needs between K to 6th grade! It is putting what I "preach" into "practice" for sure! I am glad that after 11 years of being out of the elementary classroom, that I still have some tricks of the trade in my pocket! We did end on a good note with learning some ways around the system and with some ideas to try for next week.

College run down:
The week really started on last Saturday. As a part time faculty member, part of my contract is to advise a small group of education students. I had six when I started in the morning...lost one to change of major, gave one away because of stress over figuring out what the liberal studies person would need and ended up changing another because of them being in secondary education. I do not have a good record with advisees! Last year I had five or six and only one returned this year. Maybe that just means I can only improve my record :). Classes started on Tuesday with the usual no one having books, a new instructor in our department and me zipping between jobs. An added 9:30 meeting that had me going back and forth an extra time on Thursday and a crying Kindergartner only added to the stress. I was beyond excited for Friday on which I do not have any classes this semester...so I can catch up.

Home front:
I realized that working full time...is full! I come home and face supper, dishes, cloths, and wondering when to get groceries or gas in the car. Add to that homework for kids and extra snuggles for the youngest who is missing her mommy. I am not sure when to work on any of my stuff and also have decided to try to limit the amount of "work" that I am doing at home. I have a new admiration for the working mom!!


  1. Welcome to your "full" membership to the Club! I can tell you it does get better.


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