It's in the news...

The grandparents took the kids to the state fair! No that is not the news that I am talking about, but it did allow for me to create both of the following....

1. My first issue of "Tech Talk" newsletter for ECS teachers. I am sure that my title is not an original, but it works. Here is a link to the first issue. The goal of this is to provide the teachers with some technology integration ideas at least twice a month. The focus of this issue was to highlight our new Mimio tools.

2. My first Library glog newsletter for parents...

This is my attempt to keep parents involved and updated on our K-6 library classroom happenings. I have been emailing parents each day after library class. However, this has resulted in me sending emails every day from home (as I do not have time to email after class). If this goes over well, I can see creating this on the weekend and then sending out an email to all parents with this link or embedding within our management system. It does take time to create, but I can just edit next time. Maybe I can change some of the pieces each month (background for example) keep it interesting :)


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