In the Library...

This week in the library....

Here is a link to my Library Newsletter that went out this last week. The first week of library news, I started to share my news via Glogster as I shared in a past post. However, I am not sure how well this worked. I couldn't embed it in the email with our system and so it was an extra click or so.  If you know Glogster, you know that you can see the amount of times it has been viewed...and the number of views was very low. This week I changed over to using Pages and a newsletter feel. I have had really good feedback on this. Especially being able to view the library day/time of each class.

The other high point of this week was a "book care" presentation I did with the Kindergarten class. If you have Mimio Notebook software you can open the presentation here. Otherwise I have also saved it as a pdf. To go along with the presentation, and keep the kiddos busy/involved, as also made these for them to answer with...

If the slide in the presentation showed good book care they held up the green/thumbs up and if it did not they held up the red/thumbs down. Below you can see the set up. The tables served as my "stations" following the presentation. 

This was a really fun lesson with the kiddos! They really did a super job with the cards!


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