Stretch and Grow

I smiled as I wrote this title, "Stretch and Grow" because it makes me think of my mom (and really her mom as well). It is what they would say as little ones in the family would stretch their little bodies. I can picture it and hear it now, "stretch and grow". However, as I wrote the title today, I wasn't thinking of "little ones".....I was thinking about myself.

Last post I shared some of my "leading role" goals and the challenge for excellence in what I do. I'm personally challenging myself to practice, learn new, and just grow in my craft. In effort to challenge you and myself as well, I am sharing how I am currently "stretching" myself.

1. Participation in a Massive Open Online Course for Educators called Coaching Digital Learning: Cultivation a Culture of Change

This course starts today! If you are interesting in participating check it out....we are just getting started.

2. Following this last summer and the ISTE Keynote on gaming (see related post). Participation in the Year of Code Challenge. The starting point: Make Pong.
I am really interesting in learning more about coding. Making Pong is a fun spin to learn code and "mess" with the well known game of Pong. As you change coding the game changes as well!

3. Conference Attendance
This is something that I have consistently done. I love attending conferences! 
Here are some of the upcoming conferences:
         This Friday! iTRAC in Wichita
         April 4 ATE/KACTE Spring Conference
         April 21 Wild West Cloud Fest Conference at Fort Hays State University
         June 28-July 1 ISTE14!!!

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How are you growing professionally and personally?


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