Hello Again

It is Christmas break! While many bloggers are taking a break, I am back in business.

I am honestly not sure how some of the teacher-bloggers keep up with it all! I hardly know where to fit in laundry and grocery shopping. I haven't decided if two part-time jobs are possibly worse than one full-time job. Could that be possible? I do know that in education part or full time doesn't really ever adequately describe the time that is put into it.

All that said, it is now break time and I have lots of time on my hands. So to avoid having to clean the house....I am typing away. Kids are adequately entertained by the free trial offer of Netflix, laundry is in and doing its thing, and Christmas decorations are mostly put away. Good enough? We will not mention the state of the house with all the new toys and gadgets the kids received! That will be one of the next projects for break!

So stay tuned! Some great (I hope) posts coming soon!!


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