Stress, Changes and Puzzles

I remember some stress test that I took one time and it seems like the more changes the higher your score. I keep thinking about that as I look at the number of changes that are occurring in my life.

Spring break brought the first major change to our reality with having to move. At that time this information knocked us off our feet. This was NOT on our radar! We wanted to continue to rent for a few more years to pay off cars, etc. Renting soon became a "non-option" as we saw the rental options available to us. And house hunting began. The whole house buying process is a lot of work, worry and stress....even before the actual moving work, worry and stress.

With the change in housing giving us question marks, we began to look at other working options as well. Everything from possibilities of working in Kansas City to staying put were all on the table. All we knew was we were moving and why not be open to moving wherever. Where then do we look for houses? That was the hardest part to the process...knowing where to begin our looking and when. Our house hunting was put on hold for lack of location direction.

As doors began to close to options pursued, we had a sense that we would be in our current area and began our house hunt locally. Interestingly enough we ended up making an offer on a house, before we had our jobs (paychecks) finalized. Probably not the best way to go about things...but we were fully trusting in God's provision and timing. The timing just happened to be this order :) And for me, having the place to live was high on my list of needed security.

Having a steady income to pay for the house was a close second for sure :) We certainly couldn't own the house without having money! We both had jobs....however, there were changes. Change 1: my husband resigned as the tennis coach....which was part of his "full-time" contract. We didn't know what this would do to his contract for the following year. Change 2: my position and where I would be. 

The last week of school at my K-12 school and the week of finals at the college brought the final piece of the puzzle. I was offered a full time position at the K-12 school as a part of an administrative team for the 2014-2015 school year! The day that I resigned at the college I was also handed my contract from them. I was amazed at the timing and simply handed off the unopened contract and my resignation letter. The decision had been made earlier that day when I had verbally agreed to the other position.

The pieces of the puzzle, one by one, placed together in what seemed like an unlikely order created our new reality. New house come July, new job come August (really this summer), and changes to position with Hubby (which I forgot to mention that his pay would be remaining the same even minus his coaching!)

So I probably would not pass that stress test...unless high score wins. However, all I need to do is pause and look back at how each piece of the puzzle has been carefully put into place to know that this process might be stressful....but it is right. A beautiful picture is emerging as each piece of His plan is reveled.

More on that later...


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