Finals Week

Finals Week!

It happens twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Professors hope that all the knowledge that they have bestowed upon their eager learners will be showcased in their final exam. We imagine our papers are top on their "to-do" list. Resource files have been worked on all semester and will glow with learning and reflection. It might be as if students are screaming, "Let me show my knowledge!".

In reality, we (professors) hope that the students will be able to dig deep in the inner "bowels" of their brain to find the file of information that they may or may not have filed away. The paper is left to the absolute last minute possible and maybe even a smidgen past. All other projects are done in a similar fashion. It might be as if students are screaming "I'll never get it all done....just let me outta here!".

So here is to finals week!
May your late night breakfast feed not only your body, but also your mind...soul...and spirit.
Study hard and keep the study zone quiet in the library.
Be sure to show up at your 8, 10, 1, 3 or 6:30 final on time and on the right day....they start on Monday!!
Take a deep breath.
Sleep and study (not at the same time)
Organize and prioritize....get it done!


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