Roller Coaster

What do you do when you are wide awake an hour and a half early?
Write a new blog post!

Life is quite an adventure! And there are certain times the adventure is well....more adventuresome.
I'm picturing a roller coaster ride.
Sometimes it is an uphill ride.
Slower. Maybe you can't quite see what is ahead.
Yet, having been on this ride, you know there is something great ahead.
Or this is your first experience and you have a big surprise ahead!
Sometimes is feels like you are spinning out of control.
Life throws you some twists and unexpected turns.
You might wonder when things will be smooth again.
When and how will things turn out.
There are times that the ride is good. You can put your arms up in the arm and celebrate the ride.
Times that you are soaring down the path, exhilarated by the experiences.

Yes, life is an adventure!
Right now my ride is very adventuresome. It is a little mix of all the above.
Can't wait to share how it all turns out!


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