ISTE 2016 Day 3

ISTE Day 3 - Tuesday June 28

My internal clock has been waking me up faithfully at 5:30am (mst)...which is 6:30am at home and not at all when I even want to be awake there :)

I took advantage of being up and attended my first group function - GBL (game-based learning)
Coffee. The group putting this on was Bloxels. With or without the block set, the app is fun to create your own game, game character, or game background.

Then off to a BYOD session "Explain Everything: Mini Master Class". This was very informative on the functionality of Explain Everything, but not very hands on...I guess the exploration is now up to me!

I volunteered in the TEN (Teached Educator Network) Playground talking about professional learning with online communities. This was a lot of fun to connect and talk PLNs.

Following that, I visited several posters in the PD poster session.

Somewhere in the mix I visited the EXPO, was photographed with Kathy Schrock (dream photo op), met Floyd Littler (hall of fame Broncos player), and picked up a signed Ditch the Textbook from Matt Miller. Some of the unplanned moments become the most impactful and memorable!

Thankfully I arrived back at the hotel, with dinner in hand, before the wind, hail, and rain started! And thankfully I was no where near the area downtown where a shooting happened!


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