ISTE 2016 Day 2

Day 2 - Monday June 27th

Today was the BIG day for me! I can't even tell you how excited I was to present my poster presentation! In fact, I think I was so excited that I wasn't ever nervous!!

 Here is my table all decked out!
 Standing next to my display!
In action! Thanks to @ersimmons for capturing this!

Presenting this poster presentation was a BLAST! Definitely the highlight of the entire trip!!

I will post a special blog that will be about my presentation topic and information.

The next session I attended was with my SimpleK12 friends! You can catch the 40 resources that they shared in their presentation on my Twitter feed @mrscarolnelson all are #sk12. Lori and Lisa did a great job and were sweet enough to give me a shout out! It was great to see them in person :)
And connect with other presenters!
Pictured are:
Valerie Lewis
Shelley Sanchez

After that, I adventured into the Expo and made the decision to explore the WHOLE place! I am not sure what in the world I was thinking!! I did learn more about SnagIt, Plickers, and Quizizz Inc. Plus, I visited Gumdrop Cases for my free iPhone case! I also stopped to stay "hi" to my friends at Best Keynote.

The end result was needing to take the shuttle back to the hotel :)


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