Oh, Pinterest!

In my preparation for my next webinar presentation (that includes Pinterest), I spent some time looking around Pinterest for library ideas...maybe "some" is not the word for it my time spent. If you know Pinterest...you know that you can spend lots and lots of time. I love this image...

And with Pinterest it seems that if you are looking within one specific thing, you can easily still get sidetracked. There I was looking at library organization ideas and ended up with this....

Oh, my word...is this not cute! I love this bookmarking idea! I think that I may have to try to incorporate this with my older library students. I have the perfect slogan to go with it...can you guess? "Take a bite out of reading" or "Take a bite out of good book". 

We just started Book It and I would like to feature it once each month as a reminder (October to March). I thought I would do a small activity (like the bookmarks) or printable (from Book It website). 

I think that I will have most of the pieces precut and the students can combine the pieces to create their "reading monster". Maybe I could even make some up for the younger :) 


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