Change Happens

This week in TwirtyDays one of the challenges was to Tweet/post with the topic of change. All I could seem to come up with were sayings that I'm sure were quotes of others. I though once about taking a picture of a beautiful fall tree and saying that change could be beautiful. Nothing seemed "just right".

Today I posted "change can make you appreciate what you have". Perfect for this week....maybe this year.

This week I made a miss-step walking to my class and tweaked my ankle. It basically looked/s like this:
And yes, those are pug slippers :)

Back to the story...
I went to the doctor to have her take a look. I was hoping for a pity air-cast or wrap. I got x-rays, a concerned look from the doc, a ride in a wheelchair, more x-rays, more rides in wheelchair, told to stay off said foot until Tuesday's appointment with the orthopedic and a prescription for crutches.

The crutches were fun for the first day (which really was a half the day).
End of day one, I was googling how to walk with crutches without them hurting. Googling how to walk in general...especially up and down stairs.
Day 2, I realized how much I could not do. I whined enough getting ready that hubby drug himself out of bed to help with the morning breakfast and such. At school, I rolled around as much as I could in rolling chairs. I was tempted to have one of my students push me in it to avoid the dreaded crutches.
Over these last couple days at school, I have had to be very dependent on others for help. I had to be picked up and dropped off to work. My lunch had to be delivered to me. My wonderful co-workers have been super helpful. Often they anticipate a need and were at the ready. 

Today my children have had to step up. They have been rewarded with more playing time on the gaming system. I also have gotten creative in getting around without the crutches (and still staying off the foot) at times. I still despise the contraptions.

I have realized how much I depend on two working legs. I depend on my legs working, so that my arms aren't busy with crutches. One leg down and all the sudden I'm down two arms as well! 

Change happens. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Some change more permanent than others. This change has made me thankful for what I have! I have wonderful caring friends around me. I have 160 students that I work with who many have expressed their concern, opened doors, and shown care. I have a cautious, caring doctor who looks out for my needs. I had fun nurses who made me laugh and wheeled me around. I have a husband that dropped everything to come pick me up when doc said "stay off that foot" and listens patiently as I whine about my crutches. I have friends that I can call to help. I have wheeled chairs at work and at home. :) 


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