Website Exploration: Livebinders

I've decided to use Tech with Tia's Calendar for inspiration. I love this digital teacher resource that she has created to encourage technology exploration.

The first website on the list is Livebinders and so let's explore it!

As the site states, the idea is that it is a virtual 3-ring binder. However, this 3-ring binder is FREE! You can "save" lots of great resources in your binder, as you can see in the image below.
I have seen this used for conferences to house all the presenters information, teachers organizing information, student online portfolios, and more. Specific ideas for education can be found here on the site.

Livebinders is easy to use. I love the examples and even template binders that you can find. This is a resource that should have been in my "top 10" presentation! I think that it is a great resource for collecting and sharing resources!

And if that wasn't enough, I just realized today that they even have an App! Additionally, they have the Bookmarklet for easy binder additions.

Go check it out!


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