One of my favs...Screen Capture/Record (part 1)

One of my favorite things with technology is screen capture/recording. There is something about finding a way to get what you need and doing it yourself.

Creating a step-by-step "how to" with either images or video.

Record your instruction and flip your classroom.

Whatever you use it for, there are three tools that I like to use. This post is part one of three and each will focus on a screen capture/record tool that I like using.

Jing (
The little sun on my screen!
Use the "+" to capture all or part of your screen as an image or choose to video capture.

Add text, arrows, highlighting, or shapes to your image. (see image below)

Jing is free. It works on Mac or Windows and is downloaded to your computer. Once your image is captured you are able to copy or save it for use. No matter what your choice is, it will be kept within Jing and can be viewed again (just choose the view button as shown above). Videos can be shared via or saved to your computer. The video is saved as swf file. This file type has interfered with certain sharing that I have wanted to do, so I tend to use Jing mostly for image capture.


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