Dear Neighbor: Clean Up Your Yard

I have to confess, if Hoarders is on TV... my eyes I can't look away. There is something about the show and people that gets my emotions involved and I feel myself mad, sad, etc.

 I find myself in disbelief as the camera pans from room to room and the drama plays out. Videos like in the image below. I hear the questions from everyone wondering how it could have gotten "this bad".
The inside hoard tends to make it out into the front/back yard. This is when neighbors start to complain about the look and smell. 

I cringe when the helpers come and crinkle up their noses at the smell of the house. Shock and awe would describe how "outsiders" (and myself) react.

Then the clean up process begins.

Our college students are currently being encouraged to go through a "technology detox" and take time away from technology (social media, etc.). It is a result from both an over dependence/indulgence with technology (cell phones) and rampant social media rants.

I'm sure some are asking "how it got this bad" and it is certainly the stench of rotten comments/images that is causing our noses to crinkle. 

But the show doesn't end there.

Dear Neighbor: Clean up your yard!

My challenge for them is to clean it up! Claim their spaces back from the mess of profanity, inappropriate images, snide comments, etc. Change usernames as needed to more professional or at least less childish choices. Look at how they describe themselves in their bios/about me sections. Maybe even toss out some "friends" that have their own issues and in the end is reflected on their pages. 

Reclaim your space and then keep it clean. THINK before they post.

Need help doing any of the above clean up? I'll be your clean up crew or talk to someone else who can help.

The neighbors are complaining about the look and's time to clean up your yard!


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