Did this really happen?

Remember back to the post "I did something"? I applied to be a Google Innovator in the London Cohort. Well, I did not get into that, but I did say that I would try again.

And I did try again. This time for NewYork. 
I would add here that when I looked at the options for Cohorts...this was the ONE that I wanted. 

I submitted my application right before the deadline of August 2nd. I celebrate my birthday, the start of school and put the application in mostly the back of my mind (we were to find out on the 13th the results). 

The 13th came. I was super busy at work, so it really didn't cross my mind during the day -- compare this to the previous application where I was checking email notifications all day. I happened to think about it toward evening, but nothing had come. I checked Twitter and many others were also awaiting results....so I started our bedtime routines.

At some point during our reading time, my phone was a little noisier than normal with Twitter notification sounds. I had the thought that maybe it maybe could mean a positive for the Innovator, but I didn't want to think so (in case it wasn't).

After my youngest was settled into bed, I dared to check my email. To which I found this:
But did this mean what I thought it meant? It wasn't the welcome/congratulations that I was expecting. So I messaged a friend and current Google Innovator to ask. She affirmed that it was a confirmation of being accepted. I was floored! But it still seemed so unreal. 

It would soon become real as I found a list of those chosen:

And then finally I realized that I should check my SPAM folder and.....

This just got real! I am in....I'm going to NYC!!!!


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