1 year home

And a little bit past (the year).

I really can't believe that over a year ago I was in NYC attending the Innovator academy. It has been quite a year! We encountered obstacles that no one would have for seen -- seriously a pandemic?!

COVID really challenged all within education. For me, I experienced a sense of being overwhelmed, helpless, unprepared, and ill equipped. I haven't admitted that out loud before now. I was a tech leader...but I was overwhelmed with the sudden and drastic changes being thrown at us all. And I didn't want to admin that.

I'm very thankful for my fellow Innovators and the support system they provide. Sometimes being the lead within a district- you can feel alone. Which interesting enough is really the issue that my project was trying to address (this just hit me).

My project is still in development. And I'm good with that. It is hard not to have a completed project. The group had a showcase of projects that I decided to "sit out"...sometimes it is hard to celebrate others success when you don't feel as "successful". I want to celebrate with them...and I think maybe I am getting to a better place to be able to do that again (I'll get into that more in another post).

Like so much learning - the process is as important or more so than the product. So stay tuned :)


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