Spoke #3: The Audience

If you have been following along with my posts lately, you know that I am "building a wheel". The hub of the wheel is this blog. The spokes are "attaching" spoke-by-spoke in posts. So far, I have two spokes attached to the hub. The first was "My Story" and then "The Goal". Now I will attach one more: "The Audience".

Now that you know who I am (or if you do not...see this post), you know that I am passionate about technology. That passion is driving the writing of this blog. But just who is it that I am writing this blog for?

The answer....you. If you are reading this you are my audience. Maybe you are my friend and you are reading to "see what I am up to". Or you might just have stumbled on this blog through social media sharing. Whatever has brought you here, you have become my audience. Maybe it will be for one post, but my hope is that you will join in and stay for them all.

My intended audience is those who use technology in education: homeschool, public, or private school teachers; future teachers; higher-education instructors; etc. It is my desire to share technology tools, ideas for using the tools, and my evaluation of the tools. The emphasis will be on my evaluation of the tools and the appropriateness of images, characters, and content within the tool. My evaluation goes beyond the usefulness of the tools...to the "heart" of the tool. Remember, that I have been involved in both public and private schools. I know that there is a higher standard, especially in private Christian schools. I am here to evaluate and hold the tools to that higher standard and let you know where/how they might fall short.

*Credit for the post idea comes from this post by Richard Byrne:


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