It is that TIME of the year that we question where TIME has gone. The semester is also most over. It is almost Christmas. Where has the TIME gone?

I look at this blog and wonder if I will ever have TIME to use it like I would like. I question how others utilize their social media so well. I just don't have TIME! Or maybe it is a sacrifice of TIME on their part? Taking TIME from somewhere else to give to another.

Sometimes I think that maybe once "x" is done I will have more TIME for "y". Yet, the TIME doesn't seem to appear. 

It's finals week here at the college and time will be/should be consumed by studies, papers, final projects, and exams by the students. TIME will be consumed by instructors with grading.

It has been Book Fair at ECS which adds lots to the schedule. Monday there will not be enough TIME in the day to complete the tasks that are set out between finals and the final day of the fair.

As I type this we are hurried for TIME...only so much TIME to get ready so that we can be on TIME.

And the famous questions from the kids...."What TIME is it?", "Is it about TIME to _____?", "How much time do I have?".....

I guess I have spent enough TIME rattling on and on about TIME. So it is TIME for me to get going and spend my TIME elsewhere.


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