Trust in the Wine Press

I'm amazed at how God works in sometimes the strangest ways....even through social media :)
We were given very sad news about a close friend this afternoon. Our hearts are hurting.
As I've scrolled though posts today (even before the news) over and over, there have been posts about emotional events....
Or wounds (left from an emotional event)
And here about broken hearts
And here...the squeeze if the wine press
Similar themes. And somewhat similar question...what will you do in the "emotional event"/the hard times/the stretching times/the heartbreaking times?
"Will you trust Him while in the wine press?" Will you trust Him to bring about good in the tough...even heart breaking times? "He is always there to deliver you!" He is able to heal the broken hearted.
Oh, yes, there may be scars let behind from these times...but will those scars show off beauty? Beauty of surrender, of survival, of faith, of stretching growth...for us and possibly those around us.
Will you trust even in the wine press times of life? Stretch your faith a little further than you thought possible. You just might be amazed at what comes out. Think of the beauty that comes from pressure, pushing, stretching...the processes that are not easy, but necessary to create beautiful creations.


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