I can get lost quickly in the Pinterest postings. I love the DIY section specifically. The ideas for pallets, old doors, etc. make me want to go find such items and create!

I have several items save to boards that are titled "make it", "home", and "sewing". Here are a couple that I would like to create:

The problem is that I don't really know that I have the skills, patience, or time to do these things. I love the idea of creating the stuff, but not the process of creating the stuff. Probably the patience part is my biggest hinderance. In my mind the projects do not take a lot of reality they do.

I just completed the second "upcycle" project for my girls' rooms at our new house. These projects have involved taking their old bookshelves and painting them to match the new room themes. But seriously if I have to add one more coat of paint.....

I am convinced my patience issue must be behind why they create "all in one paint" or the primer and top coat in one paint. The saying "I aint got time for that" seems to fit. But probably more accurately "I don't have the patience" for that is even more fitting :)

The other issue I have is that I am not a good picture taker. It seems that before and after pictures are an important part of the DIY process. I don't think about taking pictures until midway through a project. And then I feel like it is too late so I don't. Even now as I write this, I am thinking I still need to take a picture and the projects are done! But just for you, I captured these pics:
This is for my youngest. She is doing black and white, pink and gray colors.

This one is for oldest. She is doing fun bright colors.

Both bookshelves were wood "color" to begin with....just so you know and because you do not have a before to look at. I'm sure I am showing my DIY-ignorance in calling it "wood color".

I should probably give credit here to my hubby who added the second coat of primer to this one. Otherwise it would not have had a second coat. It still needs another green swipe probably....maybe....I might do that.

And here is another DIY to be done. I actually am ahead of the game and have the before photo. Maybe this will be my first DIY from start to finish that I can document....maybe....we will see if I have enough painting patience to complete it :)


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