Technology Princess to Ride Again!

It is that time of year again! The Technology Princess is about to log another adventure in less than two weeks. This year's destination? Atlanta or Hot-lanta as many refer to it as.

To avoid last year's last minute decisions and lack of a decent hotel, the princess requested early everything! Early registration enabled early housing requests. Early housing request, enabled her to have the best of the best (meaning the closest hotel). This hotel just may be fit for a princess!

This year the princess will enjoy a non-stop flight to her destination. No layovers, changing planes, or worry about missed connections. Just a short three hour flight!

Her early arrival will allow for early sight seeing as well. Coke Museum is on the top of the list for possible stops. Once she has drunk in (pun intended) all the sights at the Coke Museum, it will be off to see if her room is ready. 

Once she has settled her belongings into her room, it will be off to the conference! Stay tuned for more adventures of the technology princess over the next few weeks....

See where it all started here (the first princess story).


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