ISTE 2014 Night 1

I have never, in all my three years of going to ISTE seen so many lines! I was flabbergasted by the line for the poster session tonight! Thankfully I wasn't too far back, but no one was let in until 7. The crazy thing was that then we were all headed in to this area of the center at the same time. We were shoulder to shoulder at the tables. And you would think that a bunch of teachers, would know how to wait in line :)

Enough complaining!

Here is the good stuff! The resources gathered and now shared.....

Table: Oodles of Resources for the Primary Classroom

Table: Create a World-Class Robotics Program @ Your School
Resource handout is linked here:
The robots could pick up the ball and put it into a "basket". I will try to link the short video later.

Table: Primary Kids Can...
Resource Link

Table: Flipping PD
Resource Link:

There were many, many more tables....I just picked a few that "called" to me (I liked the titles). Hope you can find some resources amongst my likes :)


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