It seems every year something happens near to my departure that leaves me feeling torn about leaving for ISTE.

One year my husband's grandmother's funeral was during my trip. That same year I learned my childhood friend's memorial service was also during my planned trip.

Each year I leave while my daughter is finishing her last weekend of performances in the local community theatre. We wouldn't necessarily go to all the performances, but somehow it still doesn't feel very "motherly" to be gone.

This year I learned my dad is scheduled for heart surgery during my trip. I hate having to be out of state during his surgery! But my parents are saying "go" so I will go.

Torn! Again I will head off with some reservation. Frustrated that I can't be two places at once. Again I will leave my loved ones in the hands of other loved least there are plenty of loved ones to cover each other's needs!

Yesterday my concern was whether or not I could get my favorite cappuccino mix past security. 

Today I wish that was my only only be torn about whether or not to pack my cappuccino.

Because that has the simplest answer and I am no longer torn. 

I will be packing it and will see what happens! Hopefully it will not be torn away from me :)


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