Leaving with Hello

Hello. That was the subject line for the "goodbye" I wrote to the ECS group. Goodbye wasn't the right word for sure! I've avoided broadcasting much with this whole change...and I'm not sure why. Part is due to the feeling of leaving my family. This group has supported and loved me the last three years like family. Part of me felt like I needed to find the appropriate time (whatever that is).

In the end this is the note that I sent to my family at ECS:
I'm not sure how to leave this school year and my position at ECS. Goodbye doesn't seem the right thing to say. I am not really leaving leaving. I plan and want to stay involved as much as possible with my technology help via my professional development part of my CCC position. I'll be around as a parent.
Yet, things are changing. I, sadly, will not be there every day and all day. I will not be showing up at 7-something to answer the phones and the library will have a new teacher. 
So....I haven't honestly said much to anyone....I don't know what to say. See you later? "Catch you on the flip side?" 
Seriously, I do want to say how much I will miss the day-to-day interactions with you all! ECS staff and faculty will be always family to me. I want you all to know that you can call on me for help....text, call or email me! 
So until my next "hello" with you...I will be praying for your summer (that it may be renewing and relaxing), for next school year, and for the transitions with changes.
Love you all! 

Change is hard! Goodbyes are harder....so I'm leaving just waiting for my next "hello"!


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